Erica L. Satifka (themachinestops) wrote in philipkdick,
Erica L. Satifka

Is there anyone else here who's been slowly collecting the reissued mainstream PKD novels as they are released? Voices from the Street was phenomenal, in my top ten PKD books ever; the ending made me cry so hard because it seemed to mirror my own struggles with depression but even more so mirrored my father's life and the idea of total resignation... god I love this book. I was less enthused about Humpty Dumpty in Oakland, I thought it was kind of mediocre, but it had its moments.

Next up is In Milton Lumky Territory, set to be released in April. Has anyone read this when it was originally published, and can tell me if it's any good? (Without spoiling it of course!) I'll buy it regardless, I'm just curious. It's so awesome that there's this whole other treasure trove of PKD to explore; they started releasing these right around the time I finished up reading his SF books. I can see so many parallels between the mainstream characters and the SF characters, and even some idea parallels -- VftS in particular retains the same Dickian structure and feel, the same paranoid pathos that permeates most of his SF books. There's around a dozen mainstream PKD books, so lots to look forward to in the coming years if they release all of them.
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