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Any authors/books similar to PKD?

Short question:
I'm sorry if this has been posted, but does are there any authors (or books) similar to Philip K. Dick?

So far this year, I've read 24 PKD novels. (My favorites, so far, are Time Out of Joint, Dr. Bloodmoney, Ubik, VALIS, The Cosmic Puppets, The Divine Invasion, Martian Time-Slip.) I want to broaden my horizon, but I can't seem to find an author that's anything like him. What I love about him is the concoction of science fiction and theological (like gnosticism) and philosophical (solipsism or existentialism) themes, topped off with a (seemingly) blurred perception of "reality." I've been on author read-alikes and they leave something to be desired. This page helped a little, but PKD only makes a cameo appearance.

Any recommendations, for author or specific books, would be greatly appreciated!

*edited embarrassing spelling mistakes*
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