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his wholiness the rev drjon

Oho the pot

Phil Dick's widow Tessa B. Dick is being forced to sell Oho, the little laughing pot (right, linked).

Oho is virtually a relic, mentioned in a number of Phil's books, including VALIS and Deus Irae (and possibly in Galactic Pot Healer as well -- damn, it's my favourite Dick as well, and I can't remember off-hand).

Tessa is in very dire financial straits, her home may be foreclosed and she is walking everywhere as she cannot afford to get her car fixed.

I wish I could afford to buy Oho myself. I've been a "Dickhead" since my boyhood, and would dearly love a memento from one of my most important influences.

However, if you're like me, you may not have the money to buy a genuine Dick relic (and help out Phil's last great love), but maybe you can afford to buy one of Tessa's books? She has two in print: The Dim Reflection of Philip K. Dick, which is a short memoir (and a steal at $6.25) and a novel, Origins, Part One: Thor's Hammer. I'll be picking up one.

She is also working on The Owl in Daylight is Blind, "the owl in daylight as philip k. dick would have written it": here's hoping she has great success with that book.

(Thanks to Total Dick-Head for bringing this to my attention. This entry is reposted from my own journal.)
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