Eric (furtummy) wrote in philipkdick,

It's Philip K. Dick's Birthday!

How are you going to celebrate?
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Hmmm . . . get a job at a California music store in the 1950s? Check into a psychiatric facility in space? Decisions, decisions!
Amphetamines and paranoia.
Making art for no money.
Horsemeat cake.
I am gonna write long letters to the FBI descibing all the illegal activity me and my friends do.
I went to bed.

It seemed safer that way.

Happy Birfday, Phil! You would have been 80.
clean the lens on my spiffy new pink beam. use only as directed! avoid gubbish.

thanks for the heads-up, by the way. I haven't really observed the date much in recent years, but I've just picked up a copy of the Sutin bio and I'm getting back into my PKD studies.
Put up a Dick Tree and give my friends paranoid presents!
i thought of pkd reading marathon but last marathon almost drove me insane.
At least with PKD you sort of expect that........
books with a lot of schizophrene talk , one may start to find himself with schizophrenic attributes. i fear PKD for his mind screwing powers.